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Club Rules

The Constitution & Rules are there to establish the procedure for managing the club and its activities, as well as protecting the members and the club as a whole.


The name of the club is “Dodici Social Club” (referred to in the rules as the “Club”).


2.1 To provide a rallying point and a means for adults at least twenty one years of age, married or single, working or retired to meet new people, make new friendships and generally enhance their social activities.

2.2 To bring to the attention of and make accessible to members, a wide range of activities to meet the varying budgets of all the members.


The club will not engage in any activities involving private pecuniary profit.


4.1 Applicants for membership must be at least twenty one years of age who are either married, single, working or retired.

4.2 The club does not require a person to be Catholic to become a member, but members must agree to abide by Church teachings when associated with the club.

4.3 Applications for membership shall be on the form provided by the club.

4.4 The Application form will have as a minimum provision:

 (a) Name, address, contact telephone number(s) and email address, gender and age grouping.

(b) Hobbies and activity interests.

4.5 Membership will be granted after the application has been reviewed and approved by the Dodici Board of Directors (the “Board”) and membership fees have been paid. The Board retains the exclusive right to approve members.

4.6 Every member shall be bound by the constitution and rules of the club and shall indemnify the club and the organizers against any loss, injury, accident, untoward event involving club activity.

4.7 Members may bring guests to advertised functions, only if there is a place available to them that no other member of the club can use. Members will always take priority.

4.8 A copy of the current Club Rules will be available upon request.


5.1 All fees shall be set by the Board on an annual basis.

5.2 The fee currently stands at $250 per Member per Year. A married couple may receive a discounted rate of $375 per couple per year. 

5.3 Annual membership fees are payable on application, and annually due on the date (month and day) of the application.

5.4 A Member whose membership dues is overdue for a period of up to 6 weeks, payable each year from the time of acceptance, shall face expulsion from Club Membership as determined by the Board.


6.1 Members who have resigned forfeit all rights to, and claims upon, the Club, but shall not be discharged or freed from any liabilities to the Club, which may have been accrued by that member.

6.3 If any member has acted in a way that is harmful to the club, that member’s membership may be terminated by a decision of the Board.

 6.4 Acts harmful to the Club shall include:

1. Behavior that brings the Club or any individual into disrepute

2. Alcohol/drug related problems

3. Intimidating, threatening or violent behavior

4. Offensive language or and disruptive behavior

5. Willful or grossly negligent damage to Club property


7.1 Once a year, at a time and place specified by the Board, the Members shall hold an annual meeting. Notification to Members of the date and time of the meeting will be advertised on the club by email and/or if applicable on the Club website.

7.2 The business of the meeting will include:

Reports by – President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Any other business. Comments and suggestions from Members, and from other members of the Board.


8.1 Board Meetings shall be held in accord with the by-laws of the civil corporation and shall be at least quarterly.

8.2 Powers of the Board shall include:

1. The management and control of the affairs of the Club

2. To approve or dismiss members in accord with the Club Constitution and Rules

3. Keep members informed of activities and future events

4. Ensure confidentiality and discretion with members’ personal information to set membership fees


9.1 The name, address and occupation for members and the date each member applied for membership and fee payments are to be recorded by the Club.

9.2 Completed Application Form original copies to be held by the Club Secretary.

9.3 Photos of all outings and events are recorded by the Club’s Website Manager, and can be viewed on the “Events” web page.


10.1 The Club through its Treasurer will keep accounting of Club assets and liabilities.

10.2 All funds received by or on behalf of the Club account will be paid into the Club’s bank account.


11.1 Members should confirm attendance at functions beforehand.

11.2 Members will be charged for any expense incurred by the Club on their behalf which cannot be re-sold or cancelled.

11.3 Booking deposits may be forfeited should a member fail to attend or cancel after the advertised cut-off date.

12.0 BY-LAWS

12.0 The Committee reserves the right of admission to any function.

12.1 All financial members will be held responsible for the actions of their guests.

12.2 Any member or their guest(s) who cause damage to the club, or property for which the club is responsible for, will make full restitution for that damage, and may be subjected to Clause 6 of the Constitution (Termination of Membership).

12.3 The function organizer has the right to refuse admission and/or eject from any function anyone deemed to be displaying anti-social behavior and then be subjected to rule 6.4.

12.4 No animal may be brought to a club function without the prior approval of the function organizer.